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If you've found your way here then the chances are that one of your childhood dreams was to be able to get paid to play video games. Your parents, teachers and even your friends would have mocked you at the mere suggestion that you wanted to get a game tester job.

Well now you can be the one who gets the last laugh, now is your chance to do one of the things that you enjoy the most and actually get paid cold hard cash for it! Yes now is the time to take your first step on the road to a wealth of game testing jobs, all you have to do is click here.

Please bear in mind this isn't some kind of "get rich quick" scheme, this is a way to make good money online by working hard and doing what you enjoy!

This offer is available in the US, UK and all around the world!

What do You Get When You Sign up?

You will get the chance to...

Why Would You Want to Seek a Career as a Game Tester?

You might ask yourself why you would seek to get a job as a game tester? Surely it's not well paid, surely the work is scarce? The answer to both is just look above at the kind of money you can get paid and the opportunities that will be available. Also look below at the testimonials and some of the key benefits to being in this kind of career.

How Does it Work?

You simply have to sign up for the cost of $1 for 7 days access to see what's out there and available to you. Then even within the first 60 days of trying to service you get a 60 day money back guarantee that ensures your risk free satisfaction.

Once you have signed up you will be connected with the key players in the gaming industry who will present you with opportunities to earn cold hard cash while playing video games.

Benefits of Being a Game Tester

Games that Have Been Tested Before Release Include

Assassins Creed Call of Duty Diablo Grand Theft Auto NBA 2015 Need for Speed

The types of games that you will get to play while part of the exclusive program include some of the most popular current and upcoming titles on the market!


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Further Insight into the Industry

Back in 2012 research was conducted and it was estimated that the gaming industry made a total of $66 billion dollars of revenue from sales on a global basis.

This is of course fantastic news for a lot of wannabe gaming professionals that are ready to do anything just to enter the business. However it can be quite difficult to know where to get started!

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you don't stand a chance at all. Getting a game tester job is among the quickest means by which you can infiltrate the gaming industry.

You just require the good advice so that you can set yourself apart from the crowd and give you a cutting edge over your competition when being checked out by independent game studios and gaming businesses.

To be able to prosper in the gaming industry you need to have attributes such as enthusiasm, drive, and consistency to aid your performance, despite any difficulty you experience at the start.

What do game testers really do?

On the whole game testers are treated very much the same as any other worker in a gaming company. There will be no preferential treatment. You may feel under pressure to begin with but believe in yourself and you'll find you're able to actually get the job done. Game studios usually would not have any time for those who are unwilling to spend the time and put in the effort that is required to hit targets.

When a game tester sits all the way down to function, what do game companies anticipate? Lots of end product, frankly talking. You cannot only play with video games and expect to bring in $80-$100 a day. Game companies will need you to submit bug reports.

Bug reports should be precise, comprehensive, and above all, the bugs which you have located should be reproducible. If you, or alternative quality assurance staffers, cannot even produce evidence of the bugs that you will be reporting, you'll find the job a difficult time.

Quality assurance is about finding bugs that might have escaped difficult coders or the programmers. As a part of quality assurance personnel, you help with fixing but don't worry you won't be programming fixes for bugs. That occupation is delegated to an entirely different section which is different from quality assurance. Nevertheless, you must be consistent so they'll consider you as an actual advantage when reporting bugs.


What are the potential earnings for being a game tester?

According to a Game Developer Magazine survey carried out in 2008, the average annual salary for a game tester is $39,063.

This is broken down even further:

Why would a company pay me to play games?

The gaming industry is now one of the biggest markets in the world with over $60 billion dollar generated annually. In order for games to be successful within the market they need to be bug free. This helps to minimise the chance of recalls and/or refunds which of course saves the gaming companies many millions of dollars. This testing process is carried out by freelance or in house game testers, this could be you!

Why can't programmers find bugs?

The people who programme the video game do not necessarily play games themselves, and they are far too busy coding anyway.  

What games would I expect to be testing?

Any game that is released for the major consoles including Xbox One, Playstation 4 (PS4), Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U and for PC or Mac requires testing. All genres are covered and in most cases you will be testing games that haven't even been released to the public.